If you are a curator or collector and would like to exhibit or purchase a work made from SONIC FABRIC &/or other works of audio-visual/intermedia art please visit PROJECTS FOR PREPARED EAR and WWW.ALYCESANTORO.COM for complete CV, statement, and other info.

SONIC FABRIC and SONIC FABRIC CUSTOM EDITIONS are available by the yard to fellow artists, musicians, fashion-, interior-, and accessories-designers, and architects. SONIC FABRIC meets or exceeds standards for use in upholstery applications. Please contact us at info (at) to discuss possibilites, including specs, pricing, and other info.

ALYCE SANTORO is available to give presentations and lectures - via video conference or in person - on the intersection of art, science, and music; interdisciplinary approaches to creative endeavors; and the SONIC FABRIC project in particular.

info (at) sonicfabric (dot) com

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